In a chronological study of Revelation, where do chapters 5, 10, 12, 13, and 15 belong?

Cynthia Blackman sends in a question. 

She says. 

I’m following your chronology for reading, studying the Book of Revelation. 

I’m uncertain as to where to insert the chapters. 

510-1213 and 15. Could you please advise me? 

Cynthia, let me just suggest that in my book revelation a chronology we lay all of this out. 

So if you don’t have a copy of that, might I suggest you get a copy of it. 

But now let me come back and answer your question for you. 

Chapters four and five. 

Are in the chronological order there to be chapters one through six are chronologically correct. 

Chapter 4 verse one is the rapture of the church. 

Remember chapters two and three would be the churches in operation at the time that John wrote the book, but also representing periods of church history. 

And immediately we find out in Chapter 4 and verse one that the church period is over, he says. 

After this, the 1st 2 words, they’re in Chapter 4 and verse one of revelation. 

In Chapter 4, verse one is the rapture of the church, chapter 4 verse two. 

You’ll see that John is in the heavenlies. 

By the way, this is an interesting window that everybody has to look into the heavenly a chapter 5 verse one says the one on the throne and you look ahead and read those next couple of verses. 

You’ll see that it’s God the father, on the throne. 

Jesus Christ is the one who comes and takes the seal. 

Book out of his hand, so chapters four and five are in the proper chronological order between chapters three and six, and it’s just simply telling us what happens to John at the Rapture, and depicting the Rapture. 

He goes into the Heavenlies and he sees what is going to unfold after that time. 

Chapter 5 it concludes the sealed book is in the hand of Jesus Christ in Chapter 6. 

First one and I saw the lamb open the seal, the first seal and the man on the White Horse comes first, so that chronologically is correct. 

Chapter 10 I’m not going to take him necessarily in the order you gave us and ask us about, but I’m going to put them in chronological order. 

The best I can for you now. 

Chapter 10 is a parenthetical. 

Chapter in the Book of Revelation. 

There’s not a definite chronological order, but it should come before the 7th trumpet judgment. 

It’s after the second woe, and now the third will be coming. 

So there in Chapter 11, verse 14. 

That is talking about the end of the 2nd wall, the 3rd row ready to come. 

That’s where you would drop in chapter 10. 

It’s parenthetical, but you would drop it in right there. 

Then instead of going to 12, I’m going to go to 13. 

Chapter 13 is the most detailed information. 

Cynthia about the Antichrist. 

The Antichrist is talked about in the entire chapter, but chapter 13 verses 1 to 13 would be the release of that first sealed judgment. 

Chapter 6 and verse one. 

Jesus Christ opens that first of the sealed judgments and inverse 2A man on a White Horse comes forth crown on his head, bowing. 

Suzanne no arrows. 

He comes forth to conquer and this is the Antichrist, two peers, and he brings about a piece. 

Hobby it. 

It’s a pseudo piece that’s the beginning of it, but if you want more details about the Antichrist, then at that point after you’ve read Chapter 6 of Revelation Verses one and two, you go to chapter 13. 

Verses one to three. 

I know this is pretty detailed, but I’m trying to help you if you’re going to be teaching this, you need to know. 

But so chapter 13 verses 1 to 13 will go along with Chapter 6 verses one and two in the beginning of the Tribulation period. 

Now those other chapter verses in Chapter 13, chapter 13, verses 14 to 18, they would happen at the midway. 

Point as you read them, you’ll see that. 

The false Prophet is going to make an image of the beast. 

Well, that doesn’t happen until the midway point and it follows Chapter 17, verses 16 and 17 chapter 17. 

Verses 16 and 17 is the destruction of the false church. That’s a chapter 17 of Revelation. That’s the 1st 3 1/2 years and then the. 

Anti-christ gives the order to the revived Roman Empire to wipe out this false. 

Church and at that same point in time it talks about then Antichrist, going to Jerusalem, walking into the temple, Desecrates the temple, and at that point they put an image of the beast. 

And that’s what it’s talked about there in Chapter 13, in Revelation Verses 14 to 18. 

You come then to chapter 12. 

And that’s talking about a battle in the head. 

Suddenly starting there in verse seven through verse 17 of Chapter 12, Michael the Archangel leading the good angels, he’s the commander in chief of the Good Angels. 

The Lord tells him to take Satan, throwing out of the heavens and down to the earth. 

And when that happens, the Antichrist and all of his compatriots. 

Do everything they possible. 

Again, Satan will be cast down at that time. 

All those evil angels that committed sexual relationship with human women to bring about the flood back in Chapter 6. 

Of the Book of Genesis, they’ll be released from the Bottomless Pit and all these evil angels on the Earth trying to wipe out the Jewish people. 

Thus, God would fail that would be chapter 12. 

It happens at the midway point of the tribulation. 

Again, Chapter 15 is another parenthetical chapter that you look at and you need to replace that. 

At the end of the 7th trumpet judgment that would be Chapter 11 and before this first vinyl judgment that would be chapter 16. 

Sorry to have to go into this so detailed, but Cynthia, that’s the way we had to do it. 

And those of you eavesdropping on the conversation let me just suggest if you didn’t get that, you can listen to it again and maybe it’ll help you. 

But go get my book revelation or chronology. 

It’ll help you. 

It’s all laid out in there. 

How it unfolds or also you can get a copy of my five hours. 

Study the audio study on revelation. 

I teach it chronologically and I go through all of this as well. 

Hope that helps. 

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