Will there be animal sacrifices at the Millennial temple?

Donna Crosby sends in a question, dad. 

She says in our most recent family Bible study the question of how things work during the millennial. 

Rain came up. 

Specifically, we were studying the late chapters of Ezekiel and it was noticed. 

That end, the John MacArthur study Bible has suggested that there will be animal sacrifices at the temple during a 1000 year period. 

Is this true? 

Is it for Jews only or for all of us? 

Could you explain more in? 

That Madonna there will be a re institution of the temple sacrifices. 

Because in the book of Ezekiel Chapters 40 to 46 we have 202 detailed verses describing that temple, called the Science Temple, are the one that Jesus Christ will build. There has never been a temple and R8 Tabernacle that would fit the disk. 

Vision of Ezekiel 40 to 46. Now when you come to Chapter 45 of Ezekiel right in the midst of that description, it’s the re institution of the sacrificial system. 

Let me remind you something, Donna. 

The sacrifices in the past never took away sin. 

They never completely took care of the sin. 

Problem, they simply were a covering. 

Remember the day the most important Jewish holy day, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement are day of covering. 

So they only covered and restored fellowship of the Jewish people who were following the dictates of the Lord. 

That was there evidence that they were. 

Indeed, faithful and they were children of God. 

They were as we would call it today, born again because they were doing what the Lord told them to do, so they were following the sacrificial system to restore fellowship with God himself. 

But the sacrificial system, since it did not take away sin in the past, it’s certainly not going to do it in the future. 

And there is a aspect of it that is restoring these sacrifices for the opportunity to cover sin. 

Again, I’ll explain that just a moment, but the first reason that this is going to happen. 

Is in memorial for what the Lord Jesus Christ did. 

He was the ultimate sacrifice. 

When you look at Hebrews chapters eight and nine, you’ll understand that he, Jesus Christ, was sacrificed no more due goats. 

No more sheep, no more calves, no more. 

Or red heifers, et cetera, et cetera. 

But the truth be known is that the the Lord now wants the Jewish people to look back and rejoice in what they accepted, that he was representing, or where they failed to, and ultimately later on down the line. 

They came to know Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Now we have the communion service and that is in. 

In memorial what he’s done, he told us first Corinthians Chapter 11. 

Do this in remembrance of me. 

We don’t re crucify Jesus Christ. 

He doesn’t shed his blood, he’s not stabbed with a spear in the side again. 

It’s simply in memorial and that’s what the Jews are going to be doing during that thousand year millennial period of time. 

But also remember Donna, there’s going to be. 

Some that will come out of the Tribulation period. 

We refer to them as Tribulation Saints. 

They will have sustained life for the seven year period of time or from the time they got saved during the seven years of the tribulation. 

And they will go with physical bodies into the millennial Kingdom. They’ll be able to reproduce children, for example Isaiah 6520, but they’ll have these physical bodies and they are going to have a sin nature. Still, you and I have a sin nature. What do we do? We don’t go and go. 

And reinstitute the sacrificial system right now. 

But we do claim first. 

John chapter one, verse 9 if we will confess our sins, he will be faithful, faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 

Now what is that doing that is simply restoring fellowship with him. 

He doesn’t want sin around. 

We restore fellowship by confesse. 

And that word confess their means to agree with God about our sin, and so that’s the same thing that’s going to. 

Happen during the thousand year millennial Kingdom. Those with physical bodies who go into the millennial Kingdom. By the way, the way they sustain life for 1000 years as they eat of the tree of life. 

Revelation Chapter 2 and verse 7, and that’s how they’re able to sustain life for the 1000 years and with the sacrificial system we will be reinstituted. 

Not by Jesus Christ. You go to chapter 45. 

Right, you see, I think it’s verses 23 to 28. It talks about the Prince will offer the sacrifice. 

Now Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, but the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 34 and 37 talks about resurrecting King David to be the Co Regent with Jesus Christ at the temple and King David. 

Is referred to as the Prince and he’s the one that offers those sacrifices. 

We have three sacrifices there. 

All of them may be implied that they will be reinstituted as well, but for sure we have the New Year’s sacrifice, the Passover sacrifice. 

And the sacrifices for the Feast of Tabernacles, the seven day Jewish feast Feast of Tabernacles. 

So that’s the way it’s going to be. 

Donna is God’s plan and he uses it to restore the fellowship of those with physical bodies in the millennial Kingdom who had to have that fellowship restored? It will not be for us. 

We will have resurrected, glorified. 

Bodies, and so we can’t sin ever again. 

But those entering with physical bodies into the tribulation, from the tribulation into the millennial Kingdom. 

Now they will have to have this sacrificial system reinstituted. 

Donna, thank you so much and it’s great to see that your family Bible study is studying eschatology, even the. 

The Book of Ezekiel, that is fantastic. 

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