We often talk about what God can do, but are there things that God can not do?

Mike Gendron

Rick DeYoung talks with Mike Gendron about what God cannot do

Hello everybody, this is Rick DeYoung with Prophecy Today. We often talk about what God can do, but are there things that God cannot do? That’s the headline. 

Stay tuned for my interview with Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries about this subject. 

Rick: So you recently wrote an article with some very interesting thoughts and I just would love to get you to expound on. 

And then one of them was we talk about so much, we talk about what our God can do. 

But you have talked about what our God cannot do. 

Tell us about that. 

MIke: Well, sure, it’s really an amazing insight into our holy and righteous God. 

We know that he cannot violate his holy character in nature, and this should give every child of God complete and movable confidence, because God always does what is consistent with who he is and what he is revealed in his. 

And so there are several things that he cannot do. 

He cannot stop existing because he is the eternal God. 

He depends on nothing for his existence. 

In fact, he exists independently of his creation and all of his creation depends entirely on him for existence. 

In Psalm chapter 90, verse two, we read that he is from everlasting to everlasting. 

Another thing that’s very important is. 

In his character, he cannot lie. 

And of course, this ties into Bible prophecy. 

God as foretold. 

What will take place in the future? 

And because he cannot lie, in fact, the Bible says it’s impossible for God to lie. 

He is truth, and his word is truth, and it’s forever settled in heaven and God is the only one. 

Who knows the end from the beginning, and that’s because he controls all things and so. 

It’s encouraging for all of us that he has given us eyes to see into the future, and I know that’s what your dad really focused on for so many years and. 

Just love Bible prophecy because we have this confidence that everything that’s taking place today is God working out his perfect plan. 

Well, certainly as a ministry that focuses on Bible prophecy and you did mention and you talked about the fact that God cannot lie and you look at the prophecies that have already been fulfilled and the prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled, should that not give us some assurance of future prophecy to be fulfilled? 

Well, that’s true, and we have the confidence to do that. 

When the Bible was written over 1/3 of it contained prophecy of future events, and we’ve now looked back at church history and the history of Israel. 

We say that many of God’s prophecies have been fulfilled and the very time frame in which God foretold them, so that gives us confidence. 

But in the future, the unfulfilled prophecies will also be fulfilled, and one of them, of course, is the blessid hope returning for his church and. 

That’s what we all look forward to to be united with our Savior that he will take us to heaven. 

And there we will rule and reign with him when we return to the Earth for 1000 years. So these are all encouraging prophecies that every believer has this eternal hope for knowing that God has. 

Revealed what will take place? 

That’s Mike Gendron from proclaiming the gospel ministries God very nature and the fact that he cannot lie gives us absolute assurance that his prophecies will be fulfilled in the future. 

And that is my prophetic perspective on the news today. 

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